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Media Image Verification

As technology propels, fake pictures and documents become more enthusiastic about spotting. A mobile application that can capture pictures and documents and confirm their credibility and exactness is a need of the hour. The application uses an end-to-end encryption method for the server and allows capturing documents and pictures. The application also records the time and location of the present picture using various advanced technologies.

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How does it work?

During the imaging cycle, the time is saved through the mobile network and the area utilizing GPS media. The process presents the correct timeline of the image captured.

When transferred to the server, the data is examined inside four levels utilizing AI. It is checked and guaranteed that it does not have any adjustment or manipulation through any program.

The pictures are documented, their hash code separated and saved through EOS Blockchain innovation to guarantee that the data is safeguarded. The process makes sure that there are no alterations in the image for a long time.

The control panel additionally contains an intuitive live map to check and archive the data captured by utilizing AI methods and tools.


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