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Microsoft Power Platform and power apps together are revolutionizing the business process automation. At NBS Venture, we have leveraged the platform along with other Microsoft Power Platform elements for higher productivity, improved business process efficiency, and reduction in operational costs. NBS believes that, in the marathon of business process excellence, Business automation is the power booster. Business Automation improves overall operational efficiency in countless ways. Our business automation solution automates many of the repetitive processes at the foundation of your business. The automated activities are designed specifically for your business needs of reducing the cost and optimizing efficiency.

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we develop custom solutions by leveraging the Power Platform.

As an experienced blockchain developer, we provide our proven and compliant digital transformation solution that impact virtually every value in your business ecosystem including intelligent contracts, supply chain auditing, ID management, Land Title registration, stock trafficking, file storage and crowdfunding.

Increase the Portfolio value with real-time visibility into performance

NBS maximizes portfolio value by keeping PPM software solutions and project management systems together within the same platform. Here at NBS Venture, our integrated approach gives project professionals full visibility into current portfolio performance. By bringing project execution and strategic planning together, NBS Venture eliminates guesswork and allows you to confidently optimize your project portfolios by identifying the right timing and resources

Manage, analyze, and report directly from your project.

At NBS Venture we work to integrate advanced artificial intelligence solutions and tools with (Modern Requirements) to effectively manage projects, reduce time to market, and improve project quality and automate manual processes. We have the information and the experience to construct the correct answers for your business when you need them.

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As a Microsoft silver partner, we help countless organizations adopt the tools, thus empowering employees and optimizing operations. We deploy solutions using workflows, data, and layouts modified to fit perfectly in your custom processes in a fraction of time.

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