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We empower startups at every stage of their business cycle.

Our team of experts and professionals is focused on providing value- added technology consultation to startups, with a view of reducing the risks and driving success

Why work with us?

User-centric approach
User-centric approach

When working on startup MVPs, we focus on your end-users’ needs and expectations, not just the specification. Continuous user testing and feedback implementation guarantee a product your users actually want.

Agile development
Agile development

We work with Scrum. We divide work into sprints, make constant improvements and adjust the project’s scope when needed. This agile approach helps us control the timeline and budget while maintaining your product’s usability

Business thinking
Business thinking

We’ve worked on our own startups, so we know your struggle. We want to be your partner and take a look at your product from the business perspective. There’s a lot more to startups than just technology and we are eager to embrace it.

Independent dedicated team
Independent dedicated team

We have all the skills needed to create a relevant startup product from scratch. With product managers and strategists, designers, developers, and testers, we are able to work with founders from just an idea and deliver a full product.

Interdisciplinary experience
Interdisciplinary experience

Having worked on projects ranging through123, 123, 123, etc., we’ve learned to adapt to new industries and project types quickly. We’ve found patterns and similarities which help us switch between projects quickly.

How does it work?

Tell us about your idea

Every advancement starts with an idea, we will plunk down to talk about your vision and requirements. This is trailed by a meeting to generate new ideas, where every thought is surveyed for related risk and practicality.

Product Road Map

We focus on Product road maps that boost innovation. Theme-based road mapping is the perfect way to make space for a breakthrough. To ensure innovation success, having a product plan and a road map is critical


With our very much arranged strategies and plans, and after successful testing You’re ready to launch your business fully.

Plan and execute development

We will separate your business tasks and Plan a well-defined digital strategy to customized products and arrangements that can meet your particular industry necessities, which will drive results.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Our experts can take your best ideas and help you in turning them into reality. This can range from an internal trial of a Proof of concept throughout the way to the launching of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Start-up programs

Amazon Web Services

NBS Venture, in partnership with Amazon Web Services, offers startups a low cost, the easy-to-use infrastructure required to scale and thrive. Kickstart your venture with up to $100,000 in AWS Activate Credits. The AWS Activate program provides startups with the resources they require to get started with ease and quickly on AWS – including AWS activate credits, AWS technical support, and AWS training & resources. Activate entails a Portfolio package introduced for startups in participating accelerators, seed/VC funds, incubators, and other startup enabling organizations. The world’s most successful startups utilize AWS including Slack and Airbnb. Join them and commence your venture on AWS today.


Using our NBS team of internal and external super barnstormers, along with our specialized tools and frameworks, we focus on creating a ranked funnel of high-impact ideas for your organization, which are entirely based on your innovation objectives. Here at NBS, we love to interact, talk, debate, and brainstorm with entrepreneurs to polish their concepts and ideas so as to make sure they have the unique and best to offer.

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