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About Us

We don’t brag about our quality of services and competence; we deliver practice Solutions

NBS Venture is a modern digital transformation and services company that specializes in delivering business-critical technology solutions. Along with solutions, we offer expert advice that ensures the success of our clients in today’s digital era.

Our Focus

Software Development

As a software development service partner, we’ll help you transfer your ideas into complex, innovative solutions for your business. We serve businesses in all prime sectors, delivering exceptional software solutions for enterprises, mid-sized firms, and startups.

Product Development

We offer full scalable product development services across the entire software development cycle.

System Integration

We at NBS Venture offer industry-leading System Integration services that seamlessly consolidate disparate technology products and applications

Innovation Lab

NBS Venture is a full-service software company for innovation, design, and digital experiences, thus making it a leading source for strategic innovations and industry-leading products that have an impact. Join the journey of Innovation with NBS’s incomparable and matchless innovation solutions.

Advanced Technology

With the cutting-edge AI, AR, and VR tools, we help you construct a unique marketing approach through an innovative approach

Start-Up Support

NBS loves startups for their passion and drives towards building innovative products to solve real-world problems.

Service Operation

Hire pros to support your software products and guarantee a high-quality user experience. With our unparalleled Maintenance and Digital Infrastructure services, you need not to worry about problems occurring during regular operations.

Digital Infrastructure

Enable digital transformation through our top-tier infrastructure services specially built for you.

Maintenance & Support

From Application Support and Infrastructure Support to Customer Support, you can rely on us.

Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud Solutions capabilities aim to enhance and embrace the IT responsiveness and economical flexibility of organizations.  We deploy solutions using workflows, data, and layouts modified to fit perfectly in your custom processes in a fraction of time.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Our cloud-based PPM software solutions ensure you select the best-positioned projects for success and growth.

Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is much more than the sum of its parts that allows you to build an end-to-end business solution

Case Study

As technology propels, fake pictures and documents become more enthusiastic about spotting. A mobile application that can capture pictures and documents and confirm their credibility and exactness is a need of the hour. The application uses an end-to-end encryption method for the server and allows capturing documents and pictures. The application also records the time and location of the present picture using various advanced technologies.

The software incorporates capacities for planning, work process digitalization, workflow stages management, documentation, structures, mobile applications, and then some, all with easy-to-use software. With clicks, not code, the software makes it quicker for associations of each size to manage, digitalize, and upgrade their business measures.

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Mussab Trabolsi

Web Developer

Obada Trabulsi

Web Developer

Mohammad Obeid

Leader, Senior Web Developer

Mussab Trabolsi

Web Developer

Obada Trabulsi

Web Developer

Mohammad Obeid

Leader, Senior Web Developer

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